AFLPAAustralian Football League Players Association
AFLPAArena Football League Players Association
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The AFLPA has the most staff, with 22, and provides a wide range of services to members.
Table 2: Membership, average income and staff of major Australian player associations Year Members Average Income AFLPA 2011/12 180 (25 CA + 155 $1.
The NFLPA absorbed the AFLPA in 1970, and the National Labor Relations Board certified the NFLPA as the bargaining representative for players.
But as it turns out, every tax-deductible cent donated to the AFLPA goes not to New York City firefighters or Cantor Fitzgerald widows, but rather to spay/neuter programs for Missouri's dogs and cats.
AFLPA is just one of many new charities to claim a September 11 affiliation.
Under the new 2012-2016 CBA, negotiated between the AFL and the AFLPA, each club must now pay a minimum 95 per cent of the combined total player payment/additional service agreements limits.
Moreover, Macdonald (forthcoming) makes the point that both the AFL and the AFLPA have recognised the reasonableness of any restraint of trade in reaching their CBAs.
Total Player Benefits (defined by the AFLPA as the TPP limit plus Total Deductions plus Injury Allowance plus Additional Special Allowances (ASAs) plus AFLPA Operating (Education, Training and Welfare) plus AFLPA Retirement plus Player Licensing and Merchandising (including Telstra Internet) plus Medical Costs plus Premiership Prize Money has fallen as a percentage of total football revenue has fallen from 27.
I'm also pleased that she has made these declarations to the AFLPA," said Nixon.
The AFLPA confirmed it had received a statement claiming false evidence was given.
While the AFLPA accreditation committee will examine Nixon's case it is considered extremely unlikely that any sanction will be imposed.
Brendon Gale, AFLPA CEO, added: "AFL players strongly support the continuation of the International Rules series.