AFLTAdvanced Forward Link Trilateration
AFLTA Face Like Thunder (band)
AFLTAggie Figures Learning Test
AFLTAdvanced Forward Link Transmission
AFLTAssociation Française de Lutte contre les Thalassémies et les Hémoglobinémopathies
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A-GPS excels in suburban and rural environments having low base-station density, while AFLT is more suited to urban environments with high base-station density and in-building applications.
By using A-GPS and AFLT hybrid techniques, the mobile benefits from their dissimilar strengths.
triangulation via AFLT in the absence of GPS, and not simply cell tower-based
12 AFLT RX 9M 2012 operating data by Aeroflot showed the company has maintained its market leading position notwithstanding stiff competition.
AFLT RX Passenger turnover for Aeroflot and the Group grew by 20% and 18% in 10M 2012 y-o-y (proforma), respectively.
AFLT RX, UTAR RX Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov stated it was necessary to revoke the article in Russian Aviation Code which bans hiring of international pilots by Russian airline carriers.