AFMANAir Force Manual
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It must include the individual's name, the location of the training, the type of training, and a completed training certificate (CFR 49 2006; AFMAN 24-204 2004).
AFMAN 23-110 guidance states that failures for RIW items should be handled under normal supply procedures and that customers should receive credit (at the exchange price) for failed RIW items.
The categories of the services provided under the TCP listed in AFMAN 16-101 include Maintenance Data, Deficiency Reports, Spares Support, Modifications, Technical Data, Technical Order Improvement Report and Reply, Configuration Status Accounting, Mishap Investigation, Technical Problem Resolution, Technology Restrictions and Foreign Disclosure, and Technical Changes to Aircraft/Missile Systems or Subsystems.
See AFMAN 23-110, Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 3, "Data Elements and Definitions.
The AFMAN specifies a separate nuclear specialty shredout, 21MxC (where x designates the level of expertise and C designates nuclear), which includes missile maintenance.
Over a month's worth of ordnance was scattered around the flight line; much of it positioned at the ends of revetment walls, and all of it violating AFMAN 91-201.
Central oversight of all training programs might lead to the use of the Instructional System Development (ISD) model which is set forth in AFMAN 36-2234, Instructional System Development (60) and used in most Air Force training programs.
When in doubt, please look in the AFI and AFMAN for the timelines and, if all else fails, call the NAF.
Confusingly, the Air Force has another set of retrograde movement standards (UMMIPS) AFMAN 23-110, Vol.
He discovered that not all of the fill dirt had been sifted in order to comply with AFMAN 91-201 Para 3.
Transportation costs were based on AFMAN 23-110, chapter 19.
AFMAN 24-307, Procedures for Vehicle Maintenance Management Paragraph 2.