AFMISAfghan Financial Management Information System
AFMISAdvanced Fisheries Management Information System
AFMISAutomated Financial Management Information System
AFMISArmy Foodservice Management Information System
AFMISAir Force Management Information System
AFMISAir Force MAJCOM Information System
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AFMIS aims to provide essential information for the decision makers quickly; it also aims to better communication between different government administrations and to smoothly exchange information, said Ghailan Mohammed Al-Shayf, the project's executive manager, adding that the system will save time and effort when searching for the documents needed.
This year, the AFMIS will tackle Asean's growth prospects, the ongoing initiatives of the Asean Finance Process to the Asean Economic Community, and the milestones and investment opportunities for individual economies and various country sectors.
The AFMIS has been held yearly since 2004 to promote Asean as an investment destination.
Prequalification are invited for Advisory support to the MoF in preparing the functional and technical specifications for full packages of AFMIS and IPSIS solutions.
IPSIS)module; prepare the integration requirements of AFMIS with theDSDC systems (External Assistance Management Information System(EAMIS) and IPSIS), and the existing Albanian Treasury System (AMoFTS); andprepare the technical requirements sections of tenderdocuments for the International