AFMSAir Force Medical Service
AFMSAmerican Federation of Mineralogical Societies
AFMSAirplane Flight Manual Supplement (aviation)
AFMSArmed Forces Medical Services
AFMSAdvanced Flight Management System
AFMSArmy Force Management School
AFMSArmed Forces Management School (US DoD)
AFMSAir Flow Monitoring Station (various companies)
AFMSAircraft Flight Manual Supplement
AFMSAutomatic Flight Management System
AFMSAcadiana Flow Measurement Society (Louisiana)
AFMSAir Force Mission Support
AFMSAccounting and Financial Management Service (education)
AFMSAir Force Manpower Standard
AFMSAdvanced Facility Management Services
AFMSAuxiliary Fuel Management System (UH-60 Black Hawk)
AFMSAutomated Financial Management System (FMSO)
AFMSAnniston Financial Management System
AFMSAuxiliary Fuel Monitoring System
AFMSAlternate Fuel Management Scheme
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Operators should refer to the equipment's AFMS (aircraft flight manual supplement) and if applicable, LOA, OpSpec/MSpec data," it said.
But when this war is over, how can the AFMS remain medically prepared for the next conflict?
That said, the AFMS alone cannot implement the vision described here: its scope is driven by the breadth of application of human performance, which goes well beyond health services.
Pilots should read their receivers' AFMSs and see exactly what's required when using that particular GPS.
Tim Geiken and Rick Collins are managing directors of AFMS Logistics Management Group, a consulting firm that specializes in helping shippers to manage small-package pricing and service.
Ultimately, the question is whether consolidation will solve the deployment problems experienced by the AFMS during Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.
The subsequent step, after identifying cost drivers of "the must" factory activities, is to select appropriate control/management functions that an AFMS should possess to minimize the unit activity cost, using state-of-the-art information and control technologies (as previously discussed).
Rashmi, who completed her Diploma in Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy in 2005 after being selected by the AFMS, was not drafted into the
If you're getting hit with oversize or special-handling charges, investigate whether changing your packaging could help you avoid those extra costs, suggests Doug Kahl, director of sales and business development for AFMS, a Portland, Ore.
and others stated that the "'vision' for the AFMS emphasizes that Air Force medical personnel must be able to support the Air Force mission throughout the full continuum of military operations in which airpower may be employed.
She was a frequent exhibitor at local, CFMS, and AFMS gem and mineral shows.
He lauded the contribution of the AFMS in various missions abroad including under the UN Flag such as Ethiopia, Lebanon, Golan Heights, Congo and Afghanistan.