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AFNAssembly of First Nations
AFNAlaska Federation of Natives
AFNAmerican Forces Network
AFNAncestral File Number (FamilySearch genealogy records)
AFNArmed Forces Network
AFNAlesco Financial Inc (stock symbol)
AFNAfghan Afghani (new ISO currency code)
AFNAdditional Funds Needed
AFNAll For Now (used at end of email)
AFNAmerica's Fiber Network (LLC)
AFNAmerican Forensic Nurses
AFNAdvanced Fiber Network
AFNATS Facilities Notification
AFNAdoption Family Network
AFNAll For Naught
AFNAggregate Function Network
AFNAsociación Futuro de los Niños (Association for the Future of Children, Guatemala)
AFNAcronym For Nothing
AFNAddress Complete Message Subscriber Free, No Charge (ANSI)
AFNAlternative Fuel News (publication; US Department of Energy)
AFNAustralian Fishing Network (publisher)
AFNAssociation Française de Nutrition (French: French Association of Nutrition)
AFNAboriginal First Nations (Canada)
AFNAfrique Française du Nord (French: French North Africa)
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The AFN has pegged 51 ridings as significant for Aboriginal voters.
I am satisfied with the outcome of this case and welcome the opportunity to bring great employees to AFN in the future," AFN President, John Sherman, added.
Ruger also ensures that AFN “solutions provide a way to manage, audit and report on OH&S standards” on an enterprise level across multiple sites, which “is essential for mining businesses as so many are multi-national organisations.
This year's AFN Convention will feature all of the traditionally expected events--including a wide array of speakers that includes government leaders, national representatives and Native leaders--as well as a statewide tribal leaders forum, two nights of traditional dance performances called Quyana Alaska, an exhibit of Native corporations and pertinent organizations, an interactive health fair and three nights of the state's largest Alaska Native arts and crafts show.
This doesn't mean that the chiefs are by-passing the AFN in taking action on behalf of Saskatchewan, he said.
Overall AFN mean scores were examined to determine increases due to participation in the EE program.
He said that with 12,500 residential schools-related cases in courts, the AFN estimates that the last trial could end in 2053.
The AFN itself is acting like a national First Nation government, but its charter says it is merely the national voice of the true First Nation governments--the more than 600 band councils.
INAC sources say 2004-05 funding for the AFN from the department is $9 million, but Dianne Laursen, an INAC communications officer, said negotiation on special programs continues on a project by project basis.
Importantly, the AFN is not an assembly of elected representatives, but an assembly of heads of local Indian governments.
AFN is executing on its growth plan which includes expansion of its optical infrastructure, construction of 55-carrier grade points-of-presence and delivery of leading edge network services including optical waves, private lines, co-location and local access.
AFN produces and markets specialty materials composed of high performance fibers such as carbon and aramid for use in defense, aerospace, automotive, sporting goods and other specialized industrial applications.