AFNETAir Force Network
AFnetAfrica Network Evangelism Task (Pretoria, South Africa)
AFNETAir Force Integrated Telecommunications Network
AFNETAir Force Integrated Digital Telecommunications Network
AFNETAfrican Network for Biological Management of Soil Fertility
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On the other hand, AFNET and other supporters faced a new challenge.
At the same time AFNET, despite concerns about the possible negative effects of the media presence, (35) on the whole encouraged former detainees to express themselves through television, newspapers, and magazines.
In June 2002, the Network for Refugee Law Reform-Japan (REFNET) (39) was established by the citizens involved in AFNET with a broader goal of revising asylum law and policies in Japan.
Even the Christian Coalition for Refugees and Migrant Workers (CCRMW), established in 1989 as Japan's national interdenominational network of Christians including Protestants and Catholics concerned with refugees and migrant rights, only began its focus on refugees after September 11, when they became involved in the activities of AFNET and REFNET.
The pre-September 11 movement to support refugees had been coming to a rapid maturation, and represents an important context in which the birth of AFNET and REFNET after September 11 must be seen.
50) and Peace Boat, (51) many of them in their teen and twenties, have deeply involved themselves in collective AFNET and REFNET activities, as well as engaging in their own unique activism as a separate group.
This was possible mainly with the robust networking platform provided by AFNET.
AFNET Project with an estimated expenditure of Rs 1,077 crore, comprises of Internet Protocol (IP) Multi Protocol Switching Protocol (MPLS) based Network with Optic Fibre Cables (OFC) as backbone.
The AFNET Project has SATCOM Network as overlay, Line Of Sight (LOS) Radio for Metro Area and difficult terrains, as a back up to OFC links.
IAF envisages using AFNET communication network and enabled IT infrastructure for all operational, techno-logistics and administrative functions to leverage developments in this field so as to enhance operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of administration.
While this fully secure and reliable nation-wide communication network will serve the IAF, the AFNET will also facilitate accelerated economic growth by providing radio frequency spectrum for telecommunication purposes.
AFNET will be the largest Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network in the defence segment.