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AFNORAssociation Française de Normalisation
AFNORAssociation French Normalization Organization Regulation
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AFNOR (1988), Recommandation pour obtenir et assurer la qualite en conception.
The most well known of these is AFNOR, the French Association for Standardization (Association Francaise pour la Normalization) (address: Tour Europe Cedex 7, 92049 Paris la Defense).
The claim that US firms find European standards-making difficult to follow is also strange, since the vast majority of national standards are drawn up by three standards-making institutions, DIN (Germany), AFNOR (France) and BSI (Britain).
3M Food Safety today announced its 3M[TM] Molecular Detection Assay Salmonella has received an extension of the current NF VALIDATION certificate from AFNOR CERTIFICATION.
This certification and the AFNOR mark demonstrate SDIX's commitment to provide the global food market with superior, complete pathogen testing solutions that provide rapid and accurate results.
selection criterion - The technical value of the offer (100%) under the methodological note, dated and signed, established by the applicant including, detailed data sheets written in French, indicating for each reagent, the non exhaustive list set out in Article 5 of the CCP, a detailed breakdown for assessing compliance with AFNOR or ISO standards cited specification and a certificate AFNOR Validation for so-called alternative methods;
Barda is co-author of two reference books, Dictionary for Multimedia, AFNOR, Paris; and Standards for Multimedia, Dunod, Paris.
Total quantity or scope: This contract concerns the execution of sub-line of services and preventive and corrective maintenance, levels 1-4 (according to the standard AFNOR FD X 60-000), the technical facilities of the GS Vincennes (lot 1 ) and GS Paris Military School (lot 2), in the following technical areas
The Applied Biosystems Salmonella detection kit is certified by the AOAC Research Institute and the AFAQ AFNOR Certification board.
Total quantity or scope: The benefits under this contract, concern the execution of services relating to regulatory technical mission control (standard AFNOR xp p 98-550-1) on gantries, cranes and high-masted (PPHM) on the managed road network by Districts 4 Management and operation of the Road (Ager) of the Ile-De-France Road Directorate (DIRIF) and the realization, at the same time, a maintenance 1st level.
TDX contains bibliographic data on more than 350,000 standards from over 450 of the world's leading standards developers, including AFNOR, ANSI, API, ASME, ASTM, BSI, DIN, IEC, ISO, SAE, UL and the U.
Expected preventive and corrective maintenance services are level 3 as defined in the AFNOR standard, Fdx60-000.