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AFOAnkle-Foot Orthosis
AFOAnimal Feeding Operation(s)
AFOAir Force One (The Movie)
AFOArellano-Felix Organization (drug trafficking cartel)
AFOAlien Front Online (Sega video game)
AFOAir Force Ones (Nike shoes)
AFOAuthorised Firearms Officer (UK police)
AFOAdvanced Force Operations (US DoD)
AFOAdditional Forms
AFOAir Failure Open (valve operation mode)
AFOAlzheimer's Family Organization (Florida)
AFOAxial Force Only (engineering)
AFOAwaiting Further Occurrence
AFOAuxiliary Fuel Oil
AFOAnnounced Flight Opportunity
AFOAnnouncement of Flight Opportunities
AFOAdvanced File Organizer (software)
AFOAnti-Fascist Organization
AFOAccounting & Finance Office/r
AFOAudio Frequency Overlay (train location technology)
AFOAlaska Field Office
AFOAgency Field Office
AFOAgencia Filatelica Oficial (Spanish: Official Philatelic Agency, Barcelona)
AFOAero Force One (Aerosmith fan club)
AFOAway from Office
AFOAvailable for Obligations
AFOAircraft Flight Operations (job title)
AFOArmy Finance Officer
AFOAlternate Fridays Off (work schedule)
AFOAssociation Française d'Ostéopathie (French: French Association of Osteopathy)
AFOAssociation Française des Orchestres (French: French Association of Orchestras)
AFOAquatic Facility Operator (various locations)
AFOAssociation Française d'Orthoptique (French: French Orthoptic Association; est. 1965)
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The object of the research is five carbon-fiber AFO braces with lateral strut, (Fig.
Conclusion: The use of AFO has positive effects on gait parameters and functional ambulation in patients with stroke.
Os altos valores observados para C, L, CL e AFO mostram que a amostra de folhas e bem representativa da populacao, com folhas de diferentes tamanhos, sendo interessante para trabalhos de modelagem, podendo as equacoes serem usadas para folhas pequenas, medias e grandes (Cargnelutti Filho et al.
The AFO Chairman thanked Shaikh Saif for his numerous efforts to support family security and social cohesion in the country.
Different approaches and technologies, including acidic spray scrubbers, biofilters, and chemicals such as acidified clays and sodium hydrogen sulfate, have been examined as methods for decreasing NH3 emissions from AFOs.
The rigidity of an AFO has been measured with the use of various parameters, including stiffness, resistive moments, and strains [4-6].
Some people wear sandals with support and straps with an AFO and socks.
A recent study by deBruijn and colleagues, (1) in which patients with foot drop were prescribed AFOs, revealed that AFO use eventually declined.
Intervention with an AFO before a child is walking may be necessary if there is a potential for developing foot or ankle deformity from spastic or weak muscles.
Summary: Addressing the international conference on Food Security for All, which was held in the Spanish capital Madrid in collaboration with AFO and concluded its activities yesterday, the Secretary of the General People's Committee for Agriculture & Livestock underlined the importance of unifying international efforts to achieve development and provide food for all peoples in the world.
For this reason we wanted to check the stresses and strains as AFO in the two times in the mid-stance phase.