AFPCAAir Force Pentagon Communication Agency
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Official sales volume data for the AFPCA was furnished by Stradcom Corporation with the consent of, and upon the request of the Land Transportation Office (LTO).
In the AFPCA scoring system, unit sales carried a 60 percent weight factor, while votes from the three-month online poll on a popular social networking site were subject to a 40 percent weight.
Considering that practically each model on display and available for test drive during the PIMS is also a candidate for possible awards in the AFPCA, the motoring public will have a real first-hand and hands-on opportunity to appraise their preferred or favorite models, and vote for these right there at the venue.
On tap are "2014-2015 AFPCA Model of the Year" awards in several categories.
17, the movers and shakers of the Philippine automotive industry will gather for the culminating Awards Night during which the final winners of the 10th AFPCA and the 7th AFMCA editions will be officially known and proclaimed.