AFPGArmed Forces Pension Group (advocacy group; UK)
AFPGAmerican Fire Protection Group (Scottsdale, AZ)
AFPGAir Force Planning Guide (USAF)
AFPGAssured Forwarding PHB (Per-Hop-Behavior) Group (Internet protocol)
AFPGAir Force Planning Guidance
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Anyone interested in becoming a member of the AFPG and help in the campaign for equality in pensions for all ex Service personnel should email murraystn@aol.
Through the use GE Capital Fleet Services' Mobile Resource Intelligence solutions, we will not only streamline operations to better serve our customers, but will also improve productivity," said Dan Windnagle, CEO of AFPG.
AFPG estimate around 700,000 servicemen and woman are entitled to a pension pot of pounds 1.
AFPG have already canvassed 200,000 signatures and MP Colin Challen is leading the fight at Westminster.
AFPG chairman Mike Steel said more than 54,000 people had already signed the AFPG's petition calling for equal and fair treatment of ex-service personnel who receive no pension at all for their years of service.
Growing public and media interest in this campaign suggests that, within the next three months, the AFPG will exceed its target of 100,000 signatures.
AFPG chairman Mike Steel said: "Many veterans are too old and tired to fight for what the police and fire service have always had, the right to a pension from the day of joining.