AFPGMIArmed Forces Post-Graduate Medical Institute (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
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Full-time residents enrolled through AFPGMI in various postgraduate programs from across "medical and allied" and "surgical and allied" specialties were invited for a 'common lecture' on "Learning Environment / Climate".
A total of 64% residents had the opinion that educational climate at AFPGMI and affiliated hospitals, is positive.
The postgraduate training under AFPGMI is imparted in two military teaching hospitals and nine affiliated armed forces clinical institutes.
Acknowledgment: We are thankful to all workshop participants of AM College and AFPGMI for organization and completion of this series of workshops successful.
All of the above can be involved in CPD programs run at AFPGMI or AMC Center, or taken to their door-step as part of their CPD.
PROVIDERS To cater for the CPD activities the programs can be carried out by AFPGMI, Medical and dental institutes, Nursing schools, AMC Center, bigger hospitals, Civil Professional organizations, Specialist societies, Specialist civilian centers, CPSP, PMA, as well as centers outside the country.