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AFRAIDA Frequently Redundant Array of Independent Disks
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Mine is dishes and dusters, and envying girls with nice pianos, and being afraid of people.
Half the time Tom was afraid Injun Joe would never be captured; the other half he was afraid he would be.
I am almost afraid that every moment will bring him.
I never yet saw hill," I said, "And was afraid to take it; I never saw a foolish law, And feared to break it.
But I'm afraid we haven't money enough to buy the tickets.
You are very pressing, Basil, but I am afraid I must go.
We told your friend here that there was nothing to be afraid of, but he knew so much that he thought otherwise.
The King mourned, but he did not think that the Queen had done the wicked deed, and as he was afraid the maiden would also be taken from him, he wanted to take her with him.
The shop was also patronized by mice--only the mice were rather afraid of Ginger.
Anyway, man has always been afraid of this mathematical certainty, and I am afraid of it now.
de Treville's recommendation recurred, "this animal will end by making me afraid.
Dear Lady Augusta--I am afraid I shall not be able to come to you on January 7th, as you kindly proposed at Homburg.