AFRCCAir Force Rescue Coordination Center
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practical matter, the AFRCC will directly coordinate at the local unit
mentioned, the AFRCC will directly coordinate with the host unit for
Since the AFRCC opened in 1974, SAR missions have saved more than 12,834 lives.
inland search and rescue missions as tasked by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, and was credited by the AFRCC with saving 73 lives in 2005.
This system check was an opportunity to test all the facets of the system from the activation of a PLB and the automated alert processing through the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system and mission control center to the AFRCC and ultimately to search and rescue personnel on the ground.
on July 1 during an event involving the Vermont Boy Scouts, the Vermont State Police, the Vermont Civil Air Patrol, PLB beacon manufacturers, AFRCC, and NOAA's U.