AFRHArmed Forces Retirement Home (Washington, DC, USA)
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Often described as a "city within a city," the 20-acre AFRH has its own bank, post office, three chapels, a new fitness center and gymnasium, a theater, a library, an auto shop, a pub, beauty and barber shops, a small post exchange and vendor shops.
AFRH offers residents various recreational activities, including golf, bowling and swimming.
AFRH residents hail from every state, and from Puerto Rico and the Philippines.
AFRH is an independent federal agency under the jurisdiction of the secretary of defense and is managed by the federal government.
AFRH membership is open to veterans who spent at least 50 percent of their time as enlisted personnel, warrant officers or limited-duty officers, and who fall into at least one of the following categories at the time they are considered for AFRH residency:
Throughout 2006, AFRH has demonstrated its resolve to uphold the promise Congress made in 1811 to care for retired and eligible veterans.
The AFRH has a long and distinguished tradition of excellence in serving the veterans of the Armed Forces, and we will strive to continue that tradition in the coming years.