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AFRIAnnuaire Français de Relations Internationales (French: French Directory of International Relations)
AFRIArid Forest Research Institute (India)
AFRIAcute Febrile Respiratory Illness
AFRIAir Force Research Institute (Montgomery, AL)
AFRIArmed Forces Reunions, Inc. (est. 1988; Norfolk, VA)
AFRIApproved Force Retention Increment
AFRIAmerican Fund Raising Institute, Inc.
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Additional AFRI funding will be able to support more of the excellent proposals that ASABE members and others submit to AFRI each year; only about 30% of the proposals recommended for funding by review panels over the past two years were able to be funded.
proposed by AFRI is one of engagement occurring at every level
As Budick rightly points out, what Ralph Ellsion rejects in Irving Howe and Stanley Hyman echoes what James Baldwin means by "stranger" in "Stranger in the Village": African American literature is not controlled by, but rather participates in, the creation of Western culture; the Afri can American is not the "stranger" in America.
Thus it was female and Afri can American researchers who, in their partisan urgency, have produced new and rich critiques of the unexamined sexist and racist presumptions of con ventional research.
Tenders are invited for Renovation of toilets of scientist hostel at afri campus jodhpur
Arab media reports had said in April that al-Baghdadi had died and members of the Takfiri group in Iraq had sworn allegiance to Abu Ala Afri as his successor.
Rashid Al Afri has escorted the convoy from Cairo to the Egyptian-Libyan borders and coordinated with the Egyptian authorities to ensure the safe arrival of the convoy to the Saloom checkpoint at the Libyan side.
Nsingo said in an exclusive on the theme: "Peace, Security and Stability in Afri ca" that with the rehabilitation of the railway corridor, trade between the two c ountries will be easier and goods exchange will benefit both countries.
Earlier reports said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had died and members of the Takfiri group in Iraq had sworn allegiance to Abu Ala Afri as his successor.
Sources say that it is with the purpose to implement Vision 2020 adopted by Afri can heads of State and government in June 2007 that the ECOWAS Commission was as k ed to set up the programme for development.
The company will receive $12 million of the total $40 million grant, and will implement the AFRI project at its existing 250,000 gallon-per-year (GPY) integrated demonstration biorefinery, located at the Port of Morrow, near Boardman, Ore.
On May 13, Abu Ala Afri, the successor of the Leader of the ISIL terrorist group Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed in an air raid in Nineveh province.