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AFRICOMAfrica Command
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The AFRICOM J6 team has four imperatives that guide our actions and are synchronized with the Commander's vision and intent.
In 2013, AFRICOM spokesman Benjamin Benson confirmed to TomDispatch that the US was conducting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, or ISR, drone operations from Base Aerienne 101 at Diori Hamani International Airport in Niamey, the capital of Niger.
To build PR for its military exercises, AFRICOM relies on soft-power tactics: Vibrant social media pages, academic symposia, and humanitarian programming.
I learned a lot about the capabilities of both AFRICOM and EUCOM, and how they operate, how they are structured and how they are poised to support us when needed," Hunter said.
Barnes did admit that in "several locations in Africa, AFRICOM has a small and temporary presence of personnel.
In population-centric mission areas, like AFRICOM with its diverse national and cultural environment, civil domain information is essential to ensure decision-quality information reaches the commander.
Another article discusses the stand up of AFRICOM from an African perspective.
Lithuania, with an AOR smaller by comparison than that of AFRICOM, is fully engaged as a flexible partner in multimodal, multinational supply chains.
The papers include papers arguing the value of AFRICOM for African security and development, if offering advice on how certain elements can be better balanced, such as between diplomacy, development, and "defense," as well as a few papers giving voice to the frequently skeptical views of Africans, many of whom believe the US to not be particularly interested in the well-being, as opposed to resources, of Africans.
Yates was also the former Deputy Commander for Civil Military Affairs at AFRICOM, she worked to establish key security relationships with numerous African countries, the African Union, and regional organizations.
Despite setting up AFRICOM in 2008 in response to the growing strategic interests of the U.