AFRIMSArmed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences (US, HHS & DoD)
AFRIMSAir Force Records Information Management System
AFRIMSAir Force Restoration Information Management System
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AFRIMS researchers have partnered with Sanofi Pasteur to test ChimeriVax, a tetravalent vaccine against all four strains of dengue.
The diligent, efficient efforts of the Thai members of the AFRIMS and RTA medical team who worked on the UBS project were recognized with presentation of the prestigious RTA Innovation Award in September 2011, the only medical project to earn such an honor.
In FY2011, USUHS collaborated with investigators in the ROK and AFRIMS to develop and refine ecological niche models for predicting mosquito densities and Japanese encephalitis transmission.
Partner Number of Countries Pathogens/Conditions Outbreaks AFME 2 Kenya, USA Adenovirus, Rift Valley fever AFRIMS 4 Cambodia, Nepal Cholera, influenza NAMRU-2 3 Cambodia Dengue, leptospirosis, malaria NAMRU-3 4 Egypt, Pakistan, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic Yemen fever, Dengue, E.
Dr Ratree is Chief of the Molecular Biology Section, Entomology Department, AFRIMS, Bangkok, Thailand.
A total of 168 samples from persons suspected to have dengue were tested at AFRIMS.
In addition, in collaboration with both the US Army Research Institute for Infectious Diseases and the US Air Force 59th Clinical Research Division, entomologists at AFRIMS, NAMRU-3, and USAMRU -K are conducting field evaluations of real-time polymerase chain reaction assays to detect vector-borne pathogens.
51) Currently, AFRIMS is evaluating the long-term efficacy of LLINs on vector densities in villages located in western Thailand.
Researchers at AFRIMS are designing and evaluating a visually attractive, pyriproxyfen-treated ovitrap (egg trap)/resting station device.
AFRIMS identified 14 of 28 serologic samples as positive for O.
Because health officials and the island leadership have been proactive in controlling the scrub typhus situation through rodent control and vegetation clean-up on Gadhdhoo Island, only two rodents were trapped (14) by local officials, both which were identified by AFRIMS as Rattus remotus.
For nearly 30 years, AFRIMS has provided such dengue diagnostic services to Bangkok Children's Hospital.