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AFRORegional Office for Africa (World Health Organization)
AFROAction for Reach Out (est. 1993; Hong Kong)
AFROAir Force Recruiting Office
AFROAir Force Retention Office
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com website is not just a tool which helps you find them, it's access to our team to help find a connection for you whether or not that special someone is on our site already," said Shawn Talma, founder of Afro Soulmates.
He said my afro is the only one that equalled his in terms of size.
Students will learn about all aspects of Afro hairdressing, from relaxation to perming and neutralising hair.
Richard Casavechia, Chairman of MFT, states, “We are excited to partner with the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, an organization that shares our goals and is blessed with terrific leadership, so we can take our efforts to the next level.
Different groups have emerged, including Grupo Cultural Afro and SOS Racismo, but Africa Vive is probably the most important group that has rekindled interest in things African in Argentina," says Frigerio.
It has also started several mentor programmes to get more adults from the Afro Caribbean community into schools to talk to pupils about the importance of learning.
Send your entries to Afro Hair and Beauty Competition, Sunday Mercury, 28 Colmore Circus, Queensway, Birmingham, B4 6AZ.
Google partnered with the AFRO and helped to digitize the newspaper's historic archives and make them searchable on-line and available to anyone, anywhere in the world.
A SCHOOLBOY whose Afro grew so heavy he needed hospital treatment for head pain has shaved it off for charity.
Afro American clients generally are very attuned to subtle racist communicative nuances and other nonverbal messages expressed by the counselor, and these subliminal "vibes" determine whether the client will be treated with respect in a safe environment (Boyd Franklin, 1989).
The Afro Card Company is supplying markets as diverse as Holland, Spain and South Africa.
Lucy Liu will give voice to Sio, a beautiful, seductive and sadistic mastermind plotting to destroy Afro Samurai.