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AFRODITEApplying Formal Methods to Real-size Object-Oriented Designs in Technical Environments
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Outra relacao entre literatura, gastronomia e prazer nos e bem descrita por Isabel Allende no seu livro Afrodite.
Afrodite e como a propria cidade, as ruas de Copacabana, com seu rosto de mar, desperta e em furia, mas ao mesmo tempo terna, beijando com afago e protegendo com o sal de seus labios.
Die "perlemoen-vel" en "groen oe" kan ewenwel 'n soort Afrodite wees: 'n figuur wat die ek-spreker met kennis uit die see gevul het.
As a result of our work on dynamic provisioning of user-requested network circuits within GEANT2, our AutoBAHN (Automated Bandwidth Allocation across Heterogeneous Networks) architecture is capable of setting up on-demand dedicated circuits, spanning multiple countries and multiple networks" said Afrodite Sevasti, Activity Leader for GEANT2 AutoBAHN and GRNET Network Services Development Manager.