AFRSAir Force Recruiting Service
AFRSAppalachian Fruit Research Station (Kearneysville, WV)
AFRSAgency Financial Reporting System
AFRSArmed Forces Radio Services
AFRSAbbotsford Fire Rescue Service (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)
AFRSAmerican Forces Radio Saigon
AFRSAuxiliary Flight Reference System
AFRSAutomated Fingerprint Reader System
AFRSAircraft Fault Reporting System
AFRSAir Force Reserve Sector
AFRSAutomated Fitness Reports System (USMC)
AFRSAvon Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
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For example, when the Air Force tasked the AFRS with an increase of 4,000 new recruits in fiscal year 2009, the command faced two choices: either "pour gas on the fire" or "peanut-butter-spread" the requirements.
Originally thought to arise solely from Aspergillus infection, AFRS has been shown to involve dematiaceous fungi, including Bipolaris, Curvularia, Exserohilum, and Alternaria spp, in 67% of cases.
After examining the characteristics of the three generations using a domain-based schema, the article concludes with recommendations on how AFRS can continue to improve recruiting by integrating generational culture training into their organization and business processes with the goal of multiple generations synergistically working together to market to and recruit the top candidates into the Air Force enlisted force.
Over the years television was added, and AFRS became AFRTS.
ET AFRS "America's Popular Music" #727 (= 13928, incomplete)
Jurie Erwee, CEO of AFRS, will be appointed CEO of the combined business in Africa, to be called Marsh Africa, and will report to Mr Batchelor.
Inclusive in the acquisition are the Aircraft Design Patent, the ETA Freight Tracking Method Patent, and the AFRS Automatic Flat-Rate Power Management Patent.
Inclusive in the acquisition are the Aircraft Design Patent, the ETA Freight Tracking Method Patent and the AFRS Automatic Flat-Rate Power Management Patent.
These companies hold licenses to market naturally occurring organisms discovered and patented by AFRS scientists that protect fruits and vegetables from post-harvest diseases.
Titanium's AFRS products capture human face images electronically, input the facial images into searchable files (face print) and, in just seconds, accurately compare the facial images to a database containing millions of faces.
The AFRS allows the FF-1080 aircraft to operate with substantially more fuel efficiency than any other freight feeder aircraft in the world, reducing operator fuel consumption and operating cost, and consequently reducing fuel usage by 15% and CO exhaust gas emission by 40% below the FAA smoke requirements -- as the aircraft operates in the freight feed system -- making it environmentally friendly.