AFRTSArmed Forces Radio & Television Service (US DOD)
AFRTSAmerican Forces Radio & Television Service
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Nowadays, the worldwide services from AFRTS are known as AFN, the American Forces Network.
No other country's military has broadcast operations that matches the multiple-channel services offered by AFRTS.
According to Duff, the AFRTS technical staff wanted to improve its affiliate messaging system used to deliver primarily text-based radio and television scheduling changes and updates and a live wire-service news feed.
The one-way serial multiplexer AFRTS is now using was originally developed in late 1998 as a customized solution for an Environment Canada research project that required one-way air-to-ground transmission," explains Russ Straayer, president of DCB.
In addition to the personal pride many take in their association with the AFRTS, the entertainment community recognizes the immense value of airing their properties on a premier showcase.
As recently as a few years ago, the AFRTS outlets around the world scheduled their local single-channel services independently, each tailoring its "station" to meet the needs of the community's demographics and time zone.
After reviewing several competing proposals submitted in response to its RFP, the AFRTS selected the AZCAR technical solution because it offered the best value for its Digital Radio Facility and allowed for future growth of the AFRTS radio operations.
We are encouraged by the confidence AFRTS has placed with AZCAR and its team in this important project"
Specifically, AFRTS is using the NSS-6 and NSS-7 satellites to transmit coverage of ongoing U.
AFRTS uses this capacity to transmit live press conferences from Baghdad as well as live video for major events such as the NFL's Super Bowl XXXIX on February 6, 2005, showing U.
AFRTS Launches Pentagon Channel for Military Personnel, Federal and Defense Employees, and Consumer Audiences Across All 50 States
radio stations, XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, the BBC and AFRTS and is adapted from Rod Serling's Emmy-Award Winning TV series, "The Twilight Zone.