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AFSCAmerican Friends Service Committee
AFSCAlaska Fisheries Science Center
AFSCAir Force Specialty Code
AFSCAir Force Systems Command
AFSCArmy Field Support Command
AFSCAir Force Space Command
AFSCAir Force Safety Center
AFSCAgriculture Financial Services Corporation (Alberta, Canada)
AFSCArmed Forces Staff College
AFSCArmed Forces Services Corporation
AFSCAir Force Satellite Control
AFSCAfrican Friends Service Committee
AFSCAMC Field Support Center
AFSCAdvanced Features Service Center (AT&T)
AFSCAir Forces Services Command
AFSCAllowable Foreign Selling Costs
AFSCAir Force Supply Code
AFSCArtillery Fire Support Center
AFSCAssociation of Former Singing Cadets (College Station, Texas)
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However, although I was expecting attacks on the Holy Land Principles, I never thought it would come from a Quaker organization, which AFSC is.
We therefore respectfully request that the Norwegian Nobel Committee recognize Victor Ochen and the African Youth Initiative Network's work on behalf of victims of violent conflict by awarding them the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize," stressed AFSC.
In attempting to carry out its admirable goals, the AFSC faced three serious problems.
An inshore--offshore gradient in abundance of shad was significant; most shad were caught in AFSC and NWFSC tows on the continental shelf ([less than or equal to] 200 m) (Fig.
Although the Eighth and VIII AFSC together had a very large logistics capability and capacity, they depended on the ASC and the ASF for supplies and support and could not have succeeded without their assistance.
Batting first, AFSC scored 207 runs for the loss of three wickets in 20 overs, thanks to Gallage who was once again their hero with 132 runs.
The further measure of subjecting them to the sorts of difficulties that Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Ramzy Baroud, AFSC members and innumerable others have endured is clearly based in xenophobic, paranoid and despotic thinking.
As noted above, the AFSC program developed out of a prior relationship with the Committee on Solidarity with the World's People, while the EBF and CFK programs grew out of long-standing relationships across generations of American missionaries.
The AFSC has already begun its transition to the ASC, with a ceremonial activation set for this fall.
Converting AFSC to ASC will link the industrial Army to the expeditionary Army and help provide greater logistical integration and support to deploying forces as well as redeploying and training forces.
In 2002 the AFSC published a pamphlet called "Our Children's House," which contains the testimonies of the very young who have been sentenced to county youth detention facilities.
They then embark on dual-track career development of alternating assignments in primary AFSC and RAS billets.