AFSGAgrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (Netherlands)
AFSGAdvocates for Safe Glass, Inc.
AFSGAmputees and Families Support Group (Australia)
AFSGAdvanced Flight Sim Group (gaming)
AFSGAmphibious Force Support Group (USN/USMC)
AFSGAbacus Financial Services Group (est. 1967; various locations)
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Part of Arsenault's long-range advocacy plan for AFSG is to assemble a political lobbying group that will push for lower interest rates, more lenient payback plans, and more education and arts subsidies, including bringing back subsidized Stafford loans for grad students (on which government pays the interest while a student is in school; these subsidies were discontinued for graduate students in 2012).
Consistent with AFSG's multidisciplinary focus on developing new technologies for agro-raw materials, this patent describes a new method of producing DHA which is important in a number of human and animal nutrition applications," said Lolke Sijtsma of AFSG.
IDEX Mutual Funds is a multi-manager fund company distributed by AFSG Securities Corporation with its wholesaling broker/dealer Transamerica Capital, Inc.