AFSO21Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century
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Value is defined as a need that a customer is willing to pay for (DoD Continuous Process Improvement Transformation Guidebook), and waste is described as "Defects, Over production, Waiting time, Non-standard over processing, Transportation, Intellect, Motion, and Excess inventory"; (represented by the acronym D-O-W-N-T-I-M-E, AFSO21 Playbook, p.
As the idea has matured within the Air Force, it has taken on a personality of its own in becoming AFSO21.
As a result of an enterprise-wide task order that placed MainStream's senior experts within the headquarters of the Air Mobility Command (AMC/HQ) as well as at 14 domestic bases, AMC/HQ is in year two of an active Strategy Deployment that is aligning their AFSO21 efforts throughout the MAJCOM in order to achieve the AMC's breakthrough objectives of "increasing system velocity and Precision, Slashing Waste in All Processes, and Creating a Self-Sustaining Continuous Process Improvement Culture.
AFSO21 does much more than just produce straight-forward results because it promotes a culture that eliminates waste, shares best practices, and reduces cycle times for delivering effective combat capability.
realizing this vision will enable war fighters to exploit forecast uncertainty instead of becoming its victim--and thus will promote the objectives of AFSO21.
AFSO21 is the key strategy to guide continuous process improvement that allows the Air Force to continue evolving while meeting mission-critical needs of today's warfighter.
Achieving maximum benefits through an AFSO21 review would require assistance by experienced consultants.
This is not an additional program but a process to place Safety on the path of continuous improvement--it fits right with our current AFSO21 processes.
Under the auspices of Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century or AFSO21, I have asked every Airman to make energy a priority and to bring ideas forward on how we can be more energy efficient.
They felt opportunity cost, effort, and time might be better spent on other AFSO21 events and initiatives which would provide a higher return on time invested.
To align the GFA curriculum with FM's heavy emphasis on AFSO21 initiatives, it now includes a course that AFIT has taught for many years, business process improvement.