AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Command (US Air Force)
AFSOCAir Force Special Operations Component (US Air Force)
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The system was later deployed to the Central Command area of operations --which covers most of the Middle East and Central Asia--for combat experimentation and evaluation, according to an AFSOC spokeswoman.
when I'd have young female or male Airmen tell me that my story was inspiring, that hearing what I was able to do in AFSOC gave them the confidence to raise their hands and go forward.
This is a continuation of what the 5th has been doing for the past seven years as a TFI partner to AFSOC and AFSOAWC (Air Force Special Operations Air Warfare Center) to fulfill our mission of training air commandos on special ops platforms," White said.
However, in June 2011, the AFSOC Commander approved a course of action, proposed by SORDAC, to pull an MC-130J out of the fleet two years ahead of the original donor plan.
While the AFSOC dug in and endured some growing pains, the feedback from some really smart people was vital in shaping DoD-level changes.
In March 2009, Headquarters AFSOC declared initial operational
AFSOC has already begun implementing CIRF operations for several components.
Air Force with a Color HMD that includes full helmet tracking capability and effectively meets AFSOC objectives in the near and long term.
In response, one of the most important developments in AFSOC in the last decade was to bolster the Joint Special Operations Task Force's ability to satisfy its burgeoning need for timely and accurate intelligence in order to pursue an elusive and embedded adversary.
This story provides only one example of how AFSOC continues expanding our capabilities to provide the combatant commander with the full spectrum of specialized airpower.
This report (1) describes the factors underpinning the decision to house AFSOC at Cannon Air Force Base and (2) provides information on the cost estimate and timeline for the movement of personnel to establish the AFSOC mission.
During the flight, we performed terrain following testing to ensure that AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command) is getting all the capabilities they need,'' said Jan Tomeny, 418th FLTS lead flight test engineer for AMP.