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AFSPCAir Force Space Command
AFSPCAssociation of Financial Supervisors of Pacific Countries
AFSPCAir Force Security Police Center
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According to the AFSPC commander, additional SSA capabilities are required to augment current capacity.
Creation of a National Security Space Authority would give acquisition as well as requirements authority for both programs to one entity and one person, thereby stripping that authority from those currently holding it--the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC), operated by AFSPC (for unclassified programs), and the NRO for classified programs, each with its own director.
AFSPC and AF/SGP, with support of the Air Force Chief of Staff (AF/CC) began marketing WarFit information across the Air Force in 2002.
The approximately 1,611 enlisted active and Reserve ISR personnel within AFSPC make up 46 percent of the total enlisted force within the command; enlisted active and Reserve space operators represent 1,506 or 43 percent of the enlisted force within AFSPC; and the command includes 581 intelligence officers--9 percent of the total officer force compared to the 3,380 space officers or 52 percent of AFSPC's total officers.
Together, these squadrons work to provide independent assessments of new systems and present AFSPC senior leaders with fielding recommendations.
The establishment of AFSPC in 1982 signaled the Air Force's recognition of the importance of space and the need to mature capabilities within this separate warfighting domain.
And the answers can help Air Force and AFSPC senior leaders make better decisions.
AFSPC provides a full-spectrum space combat command, preeminent in the application of space power for national security and joint warfare, and defends North America through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations--vital force elements in projecting global reach and global power.
17-18: Rocky Mountain (co-sponsors) AFSPC Industry Days
The combined strengths of these companies will support AFSPC across the full range of its critical mission requirements.
AFSPC can best develop space Airmen to win tomorrow's fight in this contested environment by significantly improving and expanding education and training in the use of electronic warfare to defend US satellites and improve their survivability.
AFSPC Pitel, Monica TO A GS-15; HQ AFSPC/FM--Peterson AFB