AFSSAutomated Flight Service Station
AFSSAutomatic Fire Sprinkler System (protection)
AFSSAutonomous Flight Safety System
AFSSAir Force Security Service
AFSSAutomatic Fire Suppression System
AFSSAgent Facing Support Site (Denver, CO)
AFSSAlberta Frontier Shootists Society
AFSSAsia Fuzzy System Symposium
AFSSAdvanced Fire Support System (US Army)
AFSSArmor & Fire Support Systems (US Marine Corps)
AFSSAdministrative Fire Services Section (California Fire Chiefs Association)
AFSSAutomatic Fire Sensing and Suppression
AFSSActive Frequency-Selective Surface
AFSSAgency Field Staff Support (insurance)
AFSSAutomated/Automatic Fuel Service Station
AFSSAir Force Systems Security
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These range boundary values have to be considered the limits of validity of the proposed AFSS solutions.
Two pediatric asthma specialists reviewed parental report of symptoms (using the AFSS, above), history of health care utilization, and medications prescribed.
The AFSS category is a default category used by SFAS No.
Thus, anybody seeking to adopt internationally must first apply to AFSS for permission to proceed.
This link enables the AFSS to access Remote Communications Facilities (RCF) located in southern New Mexico and Arizona.
While we don't have access to the actual transcripts, the NTSB reports that AFSS told the VFR pilot that IFR conditions were forecast for the next few hours, after which the ceiling might improve to 2000 feet.
AFSS is the latest multifunctional food preparation system to be used in a Navy shipboard galley.
AFSS specialists deliver critical weather and security-based flight restriction information to pilots, and compliance with the FAA's strict safety and service requirements is vital.
Lockheed Martin's AFSS team performs essential pre-flight and in-flight services at six locations around the US, which include Prescott, Arizona; Fort Worth, Texas; Miami; Raleigh, NC; Ashburn, Virginia; and Princeton, Minnesota.
Given there are only 18 AFSS facilities outside of Alaska, and as many as five of them are slated to close by February 2009, chances are you wouldn't be in range of any DF equipment, anyway.
In "Getting All the NOTAMs" (June 2012 IFR), Lee Smith said, "In order to be confident we have all the NOTAMS, we need to check online or through AFSS for recently added NOTAMS, then consult the NTAP for older ones, and finally consult the Change Notices book for permanently changed notices.