AFSSTAir Force Space Support Team
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In particular, the AFSST must not be phased out (currently planned for 2002), but continue space support in major exercises, MOOTW, and all AEF deployments.
Glossary AADC area air defense commander ACA airspace control authority ACSC Air Command and Staff College AEF Aerospace Expeditionary Force AEW Aerospace Expeditionary Wing AFB Air Force Base AFDD Air Force Doctrine Document AFI Air Force Instruction AFSPC Air Force Space Command AFSST Air Force space support team AFTTP Air Force Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures AOC air operations center ASAT antisatellite ASST Army space support team ATO air tasking order AU Air University AWC Air War College [C.
During the March-June 1998 AEF deployment to theater (Bahrain), en route AFSST space support equipment provided updates to two ATOs (received and printed in flight), 18 weather images and text reports, 12 point-to-point text reports, 19 imagery/graphics files, and four INTSUMS, DISUMS, and SPINS.