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AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AFTNAutonomously Functioning Thyroid Nodule (hyperthyroid disease)
AFTNAway From The Numbers (website)
AFTNAmerican Forces Thailand Network
AFTNAir Force Television Network
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In the AFTN group, 2 patients (patients 3 and 7) had a pT3N1 a tumor, 1 (patient 4) had a pT3N0 tumor, and 1 (patient 8) had a pT4Nlb tumor on postoperative histology.
Our 4 patients with AFTN had suspicious findings on ultrasonography and cytology that suggested thyroid carcinoma.
Cappelli et al reported that thyroid cancer is diagnosed more frequently in patients with Graves disease than in patients with AFTN or toxic multinodular goiter.
Belfiore et al reported that patients with Graves disease tend to have larger, more often multifocal, and locally invasive cancers that are more often metastatic to distant sites compared with patients with AFTN.
Two of our 4 patients with AFTN exhibited extracapsular invasion and lymph node metastases, and another died of her disease.
Delegates will also learn about integrating AMHS with other MHS services, and migrating ATC messaging from AFTN to AMHS.
The subject of performance of this contract are changes specific software in the following ranges:- Change the way dekode NOTAM / SNOWTAM bulletin received via AFTN system of NOTAM / OPMET,- Extension of the bulletin NOTAM / SNOWTAM for 99 hours- The introduction of processing time groups FROM force for each news bulletin,- The introduction of NOTAMs treatment groups according to the validity period of the FROM- Generating groups NOTAM HTML messages with effect from a certain time parameter values ?
Open Competition: Messaging Aeronautical Ground Data Transmission And Telegraph And International Network AFTN