AFUEAnnual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
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1% AFUE Condensing Boiler Space Heating (buffer tank vs.
The HVAC systems in the High Efficiency model is similar to those in the Baseline model except with higher efficiency: (1) two-stage DX cooling with 18 SEER, (2) condensing gas furnace with 97% AFUE, and (3) sealed air duct with a distribution efficiency of 95%.
There are now a number of new gas and oil central heating systems with AFUE ratings of between 80 and 95 percent.
LOUIS -- R-410A, SEER, AFUE and IAQ might sound like alphabet soup to most homeowners, but that terminology can make a world of difference when it comes to a home's level of comfort and the energy bill at the end of the month.
For the diesel heating option, the fuel oil boiler choice was the typical efficiency at 85% AFUE or the high efficiency boiler at 95% efficiency with hydronic heating distributed through baseboard heaters in the zone.
AFUE 95%--sealed combustion condensing for furnaces, water heaters and boilers;
And, the Furnace Rule was just that -an efficiency rule in name only (raising the minimum furnace efficiency in the 30 northern states from 78% AFUE to 90% AFUE).
Older systems have a 55 to 65 percent AFUE, whereas the least efficient systems today are at least 80 percent efficient.
Appliance efficiency upgrades--better than SEER-13 air conditioning, and 90 percent-plus AFUE heating equipment--will also be required.
TOTAL HEAT =/ total fuel x MBTU x AFUE / - / 12 x Monthly
The family also was able to install a 95 percent AFUE high-efficiency furnace through NJNG's SAVEGREEN Project[R].
Air 1 Heating is installing Trane XR95 series premium gas furnaces for heating that perform at 95 percent AFUE efficiency.