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AFVAlternative-Fuel Vehicle
AFVAmerica's Funniest Home Videos (TV show)
AFVArmored Fighting Vehicle
AFVAmerica's Funniest Videos
AFVAmerica's Funniest Home Video
AFVAmniotic Fluid Volume
AFVArmored Family of Vehicles
AFVArmed Forces Vacation Club (condominium vacation rentals for DoD affilited personnel)
AFVAvantage Fiscal (special category of Belgium shares)
AFVAssociation Française du Vitiligo
AFVAlpine Forez Velay (French car club)
AFVAbdominal Visceral Fat
AFVAntiflood Valve (NASA)
AFVAngel Flight for Veterans
AFVAccompanied Field Visit
AFVAwaiting Fix Verification
AFVAssociation Football Virois (French football club; Vire, France)
AFVAssociation Française du Violoncelle (French: French Cello Association)
AFVA Fairer Victoria (Australia)
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AFV also consistently ranks as the number one Most Talked About TV Show on Facebook.
In addition to ABC network (which has transferred all exploitation rights, including international sales, to parent company Disney), older episodes of AFV are transmitted by cable TV networks, local TV stations and via the Internet.
Suspected, rather than true, gestation [greater than or equal to] 41 weeks was used as the inclusion criterion, as it is women with suspected prolonged pregnancy who require clinical assessment at the time of referral, including AFV estimation.
The AFV Dashboard highlights some important trends and developments in the adoption of AFVs in the U.
Recommendation: To provide information that more transparently captures agencies' compliance with the AFV acquisition requirement, the Secretary of Energy should revise its implementation guidance to disallow AFV credits for AFVs not subject to the acquisition requirement.
Coordinated by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium, this event is dedicated to educating the nation on the importance of AFVs and advanced technology vehicles.
California is likely headed for a crack-up of its own AFV program, which requires that automakers, beginning in 2003, sell a set quota of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and extremely low-emission vehicles in the state, whether or not the cars actually catch on with the motoring public.
Ford offers 11 AFV options, which include light trucks (pick-ups and vans) and cars that run on natural gas, propane, ethanol or electricity.
The most critical problem facing the AFV industry will be its ability to survive the transition from a market supported largely by government regulations and programs to one driven entirely by commercial factors.
Taxpayers are all too familiar with the astronomic costs and minuscule air quality benefits of publicly funded AFV schemes.
Critical AFV infrastructure issues including fueling, insurance, leasing, and warranty considerations, affect market opportunities.
WEAK PROFITABILITY: Profitability declined further in fiscal 2012 despite strong cost control measures as AFV posted operating ratios and margins that are unfavorable compared to Fitch's 'BBB' category medians.