AG2Aerographer's Mate Second Class (Naval rating)
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AG2 In dealing with competitors, our organization typically adopts a very competitive posture aiming at overtaking the competitors.
Strong continuous reflectors are evident in the 2 adjacent sites, AG1 and AG2 (Fig.
The GPR trials were conducted in the drier summer months, and soil samples from AGI and AG2 analysed in the field using capacitance equipment put the range for SWC in a typical l-m profile at 0.
The results in Table 3 for 10-m line spacing show a very close linear relationship between measured values of depth to B horizon for GPR tie lines and the kriged GPR data for AG1 and AG2.
The effect on map quality for AG2 is small with a decrease in the slope of the regression line from 0.
For example, at AG2 there is significantly less clay at the southern end of the mapped site, but the amplitude range for the traverse was small, ranging from 16000 to 25 000 BV.
The agency will be aligned with Publicis Modem, the digital arm of the Publicis Worldwide global network, and will be renamed AG2 Publicis Modem.
Headquartered in Porto Alegre with offices in Sao Paulo and Pelotas, AG2 employs approximately 170 communications specialists.
The acquisition of AG2 illustrates Publicis Groupe's continued commitment to investing in digital and high-growth markets.
Bond Issue Cusip Number 9-1/2% Notes Due 1998 055625 AD9 8-1/2% Notes Due 2001 055625 AM9 7-7/8% Notes Due 2002 055625 AN7 8-3/4% Debentures Due 2003 055625 AL1 9-7/8% Debentures Due 2004 055625 AG2
Programme Administration includes goods like AG1 printing of MCA-T newsletter (Jan-March 2011) (Shopping), AG2 provision of office supplies to MCA-T on a call-off basis (Shopping), AG3 air conditioning units for MCA-T office (Shopping), non consulting services like ANC1 office equipment maintenance & repairs, MCA-T office, Zanzibar (Shopping), ANC2 office maintenance & repairs, MCA-T offices Dar es Salaam, ANC3 office equipment repairs & maintenance for MCA-T, Dar es Salaam, ANC4 office security services, MCA-T Zanzibar (DC), ANC5 office security services, MCA-T Dar es Salaam (DC) and ANC6 Internet Services Provider (DC).