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AGALAustralian Government Analytical Laboratories
AGALAssociaçom Galega da Língua (Galiza)
AGALAppointing Guardian Ad Litem (legal term)
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I had bought the band gifts consisting of Gotras, Agals and Gahfiyas, the Arabic head dress.
The video allegedly shows the official repeatedly hitting an Asian van driver with his agal and punching him.
The incident, which was filmed by a passerby and footage posted on YouTube, saw a man attack the Indian driver with his hands and beat him with his agal.
During the "training sessions", the Emirati n'l (footwear) and agal (black, rope-like headwear) were used as weapons against Satwa G's.
At one time, he moved close to her and wanted to put the piece of paper in her bag, but she slapped him, making him lose his agal, the black cord used to keep the gotra, the headdress, in place on the wearer's head.
Jan who was attired in Emirati costume complete with Agal and Ghotra was not alone in singing the UAE's praises.
A little wind cannot stop us," Abdullah, an audience member told Gulf News as he held his ghotra and agal with one hand.