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AGARAustralian Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (Perth, Western Australia, Australia)
AGARAgriculture Acquisition Regulation (US Department of Agriculture)
AGARAlternate Governor’s Authorized Representative
AGARArmy Ground Accident Report
AGARAdvisory Group of Applied Research
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Hsiao Mei-nu, the manager of a local cafe, said that the soup of the agar hotpot is made from cooking local agar for a long time, and the hotpot dishes include fresh vegetables, locally cultured varicolored abalone and freshly caught seafood such as squids.
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune on Sunday, SPLM-N Agar spokesperson Mubarak Ardol said an SPLM-N al-Hilu force stationed at Ras Al-khor on Saturday moved to Gouz Al-Gamamat area on its way to the SPLM-N Agar controlled areas in Tanfona.
The system utilises an onboard Hamilton pipetting engine for aliquoting and dispensing samples, while simultaneously an agar media dispenser mixes the sample with molten agar within a petri dish.
Highly circular to irregular, slightly raised, light yellow coloured colonies were recorded on nutrient glucose agar and GYCA agar media.
The isolates produced alpha hemolytic colonies on blood agar plate after 48 hours of incubation and reduced surface growth on China blue mannitol agar (Fig.
Food and beverage industry is the largest segment which are preferring agar as a thickener and stabilising agent and is expected to account for over 84.
Agar, who was in charge of Hull for four seasons from 2008, succeeded John Kear at Wakefield in October 2011 and defied expectations by guiding them to a play-off spot in his first campaign on the back of a club Super League record run of seven successive wins.
Agar solution (2-4% w/v) was prepared by heating agar powder dispersion in phosphate buffer (pH 6.
His mother Sonia also said that Agar did not get star-struck and describes her eldest son as a quiet achiever who is interested in nature and indigenous cultures.
The four chromogenic media were compared with blood agar and evaluated in terms of sensitivity, specificity, ease of use, and cost.
Newcastle Crown Court heard the victim remains friends with Agar and did not want her to be prosecuted.