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AGBAAmerican Galloway Breeders Association
AGBAAlberta Goat Breeders Association (Hay Lakes, Alberta, Canada)
AGBAAcademy for Global Business Advancement (worldwide network)
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The new plant" will probably be created in the El Agba zone, pending the results of feasibility studies, he added.
Nicole Agba |has developed a new steering wheel which detects if a driver has been drinking
Syrian striker Radwan Qalaji hit a powerful shot from outside the box that was punched away by Riffa goalkeeper Sayed Shubar Alawi, but the ball went right into the path of an unmarked Agba who slotted the rebound home from right in front of goal.
The whole of this philosophical import is expressed in the proverb: Omode gbon agba gbon ni a fi da ile Ife [The wisdom of both the young and the old culminated in the ancient civilisation of Ile-Ife].
Mase vaan mliam mer i bugh // Mo nyor o, / Kpa mba bughun ze / Ucoho Agba wasem nen M nyor.
Blemasane ni anyie blemasaji ni agba ke naabu titri ke saji ni anma hu no anma le, Ni ji saji ni eba jen miinshe afii ohai ete mli: keje afi 1500 le no keyashi afi 1856 le" (History of the Gold Coast and Asante .
Agba Mangalabou, who arrived from Togo in 2002, recalls his surprise when he moved here from Europe.
Old women are revered as the 'dome' of religious mysticism, as seen in the symbols of Iya Agba and Iya Mate in Madmen and Specialists.
Iya mi kekere [Mother my little (my little mother)] Iya mi agba [Mother my big (my big mother)] Aburo mi obirin [Younger my woman (my younger sister)]