AGDSDeep Submergence Support Ship
AGDSAssociation of Garage Door Specialists (UK)
AGDSAmerican Gage Design Standard
AGDSAdvanced Graphic Development System (computer game software)
AGDSAsian Game Developers Summit
AGDSAcoustic Ground Discrimination System (remote sensing)
AGDSAssociation de Gestion et Développement de Services (French: Association of Management and Development Services)
AGDSAutomated Grants Documentation System
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The AGDS is calling on housebuilders and developers to increase the size of garages they are building with new homes.
The AGDS is a coordinating body for eight parent's boards, representing ten schools where German as a First Language is taught.
The equipment is intended for construction of new control and measuring lines, connections between transit and gas pipeline and an emergency supply, reconstruction of GIS GRS and AGDS of "Bulgartransgaz" EAD.