AGEFAllan Gray Equity Fund (South Africa)
AGEFAssociation of Experts in the Field of Migration and Development Cooperation
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The launch of AGEF will be a further significant step in ManCOs commitment to environmentally-related projects.
The following regression model was developed to reflect the aforementioned factors hypothesized to affect decision-makers' momentum to change offerings: DECISION-MAKER MOMENTUM TO CHANGE OFFERINGS = MOD + ENV + SIZE + AGEF + PLAN + FORM + TECH - AGEM + EXPM where, DECISION-MAKER MOMENTUM TO CHANGE OFFERINGS = the number of intended offering changes decision-makers perceive will occur between 1993 (Mod Act passed) and 1998 (when the final Mod Act rulings were expected to be complete); MOD = Mod Act uncertainty; ENV = other environmental uncertainty; SIZE = organization size; AGEF = age of organization; PLAN = formal planning; FORM = formalization of procedures; TECH = technical experience of organization; AGEM = age of top decision-maker; EXPM = experience of lop decision-maker.