AGETIPAgence d'Exécution de Travaux d'Intérêt Publique
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Esses estudos desembocam na elaboracao de medidas especificas de compensacao, que compreendem projetos de trabalho de interesse coletivo (saneamento, coleta de lixo), desenvolvidos por AGETIPS (Agencias de Trabalho de Interesse Publico), nos bairros das grandes cidades, e, secundariamente, nas pequenas e medias cidades.
However, following the establishment of AGETIP in 1989, whose remit included putting government contracts out to competitive tender, the efficiency of Senegal's construction industry dramatically improved.
Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Literacy (MEPSA) has put in place an action plan to complete the project fully; particularly it has discussed and agreed with AGETIP on an execution schedule based on the Bank~s findings during the July 2011 implementation support mission.