AGFUNDArab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations
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The Committee also approved "Education" the fourth Sustainable Development Goal as subject for AGFUND International Prize 2017.
AGFUND invites the UN, International and regional organizations, ministries and public institutions, NGOs, universities and research centers all over the world to submit their nominations for the prize which is worth US $ 500,000 allocated for its four categories.
AGFUND documentation on the 2010 AGFUND international prize for pioneering human development projects: the role of governments in adoption of innovative solutions for the development of remote and rural communities through information technology and communication.
Headed by Prince Talal, AGFUND is a program dedicated to funding and assisting the establishment of developmental projects worldwide.
Representative of AGFUND Nasser al-Qahtani said that the bank aims at improving the economic and social conditions of low-income families and owners of small and micro businesses.
ISLAMABAD, November 04, 2009 (Balochistan Times): President Al-Shifa Eye Trust Lt Gen (retd) Jahan Dad Khan received international AGFUND prize worth US$ 50000 at Istanbul for rendering services to eradicate blindness.
The Kingdom will give $25 million to AGFUND annually from the revenue of Saudi Fund for Development during the next 10 years after the approval of its capital by the Gulf countries, the Cabinet said.
Development Organizations, known as AGFUND, to establish an autonomous Arab-African microcredit fund and urged Arab leaders to make poverty alleviation a priority on the agenda of Arab summits.
The idea behind the bank of the poor in Jordan has been emphasized through the coordination between Her Majesty Queen Rania and Saudi Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz, president of AGFUND.
This came during the first day of the 5th AGFUND Development Forum, which will be held for three days under the patronage of Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, President of AGFUND, in the presence of development partners and the media.
Queen Rania also met with a number of the project's stakeholders and asserted the importance of partnerships such as the one between the NCFA and the AGFUND in helping to bring about positive change on the ground.