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AGGIEAgricultural (agricultural school, college or a student there)
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In that that time, Aggie Creamery has refined its process and paved the way for the local ice cream manufacturers that came after.
You don't see Aggie wearing a uniform but you always see her wearing a lovely smile.
There are currently 55 radio affiliates that broadcast Aggie football in English.
Queen of Clean Aggie considers that valuable therapy.
This is A&M's third trip to the Pepsi meet in the past four years, and while the Aggies have exacted their revenge at the end of the season at the NCAA championships, they were second in 2010 and third last season.
New windows and shutters cost Aggie more than pounds 4,000 to repair.
Thanks to Zielen's skillful characterization, Aggie is a realistic teen girl: she is insecure, flawed, and uncertain while also being articulate, witty, and brave.
Aggie Engineer went straight to the front of the field of five as expected, but Slew's Tiznow and rider Garrett Gomez seized the lead in the final sixteenth and won by a half-length, covering a mile in 1:36.
Asked whether she'd ever been approached to go on the show, Aggie replied: "Well, I was a few years ago, but ask me in five years'' time.
Aggie studied in Aberdeen, then went to London to work at the Foreign Office.
CLEANING guru Aggie MacKenzie has revealed she led a secret life as "Miss Moneypenny" in the 70s.
If one person represents the heart of Salmon Nation, it is Grandma Aggie, keeper of the Takelma Sacred Salmon Ceremony.