AGGPAnimation and Graphic Game Programming
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The AGGP is Canada's initial contribution to the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, an international network of more than 30 member countries that coordinates and increases agricultural research on greenhouse gas mitigation and makes new mitigation technologies and beneficial management practices available to farmers.
0 adds functionality for use with the new AgGPS TrueGuide(TM) implement guidance system, the EZ-Steer assisted steering system and the LB25 lightbar.
Attached to the controller are an AgGPS 214 RTK GPS receiver for precise positioning, a graphical display and AgGPS 70 RDL for display and data collection, and a lightbar for visual guidance.
4-inch screen, yet the display requires no more space in the cab than its predecessor, the AgGPS FieldManager(TM) display.
For assisted steering applications, users can expand the capabilities of the new Trimble EZ-Guide 250 with an AgGPS EZ-Steer 500 system, which can cost much less than similar products on the market today.
Products: AgGPS Autopilot automated steering system; EZ-Guide 500 lightbar guidance system; EZ-Steer assisted steering system; EZ-Boom 2010 automated application control system; AgGPS TrueTracker implement steering system; AgGPS FieldLevel system for water management
Trimble customers with AgGPS Autopilot(TM) automated steering systems will be able to add application control modules for controlling and monitoring planters, sprayers, air seeders, spreaders and anhydrous applicators to their systems.
Past honorees include Syngenta's AVICTA Complete Pak, Trimble's AgGPS EZ-Steer and the Roundup Ready soybean trait.
With more satellite signals to access, the AgGPS 442 GNSS receiver improves the farmer's ability to work in tough GPS environments with faster initialization times, and provides for increased productivity and reduced downtime in the field.
MESSAGE: Trimble AgGPS Systems increase productivity.
The AgGPS EZ-Guide 500 features a large, easy to read color LCD display, data logging functions and multiple accuracy options.
By solving the problem of side draft, the new AgGPS Implement Steering system allows growers with RTK-corrected AgGPS Autopilot systems to steer their implements with the same repeatable accuracy as their tractors.