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AGHEAssociation for Gerontology in Higher Education
AGHEAustralian Guide to Healthy Eating (Australian and New Zealand Obesity Society)
AGHEAssociation of Global Humanists and Ethics (Pakistan)
AGHEHydrofoil Research Ship
AGHEAir Ground Heat Exchanger
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According to the AGHE, this category provides protein, iron, zinc, niacin and vitamin B12 and states that, within this group, red meat is a particularly good source of iron and zinc.
A recent computer simulation analysis of the potential contribution of the various 'meat and alternatives' options to nutrient intake in men, women and pregnant women (8) showed that diets designed to conform to the current AGHE incorporating serves of vegetable origin from this group did not meet the new NRV for vitamin B12 and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids for any of the groups assessed, nor for zinc in men and pregnant women or iron in women and pregnant women.
The AGHE recommends fruits, vegetables, bread and cereals account for over three-quarters of daily food intake (30).
While previous Australian studies have used compliance with the dietary guidelines to code the food advertisements in their samples, the AGHE has not yet been used as a measuring tool (7,32).
Parents are encouraged to compare current eating patterns of each family member with age-appropriate AGHE food group serve recommendations.
Screen time reduced from 220 to 64 minutes/day, and the number of AGHE 'extras' reduced from 6 to 2 per day.
Since the AGHE was developed, a new set of Dietary Guidelines (7-9) and a new set of Nutrient Reference Values (10) (NRVs) have been published with a wider range of nutrients and more values per nutrient.
The paper by Shrapnel and Baghurst in this issue addresses some of the implications for the AGHE of the new n-3, LCn-3, n-6 and vitamin D recommendations (as well as vitamin E) in relation to placement of unsaturated fats and oils in the current guide where, for the most part, they are placed in the 'extras' or 'non-core' food category.
In their dietary modelling exercise, the diets were based on the CFG recommendations, that is, the minimum number of serves to meet 70% of the old RDIs (rather than the increased food allocations modelled in the AGHE tables) and did not include the fats and oils allocation for cereal serves.
Table 3 Comparison of existing food guidance systems and macronutrient- based reference food groups used to construct a pattern of intake to guide advice for diabetes treatment AGHE (9) Core food guide Average USDA (10) (serves/ classification (9,10) serve size (serves/day) day) All vegetables, legumes 0.
In the development stage of the food basket, the AGHE recommendations for both core food groups and 'extras', were used to generate a template for the basket (34).
To determine the proportion of children consuming EDMP food choices for breakfast, the 'extra foods' group from the AGHE was used.