AGIDAssociation of Geoscientists for International Development (UK)
AGIDAgency for International Development
AGIDAgar Gel Immuno Diffusion
AGIDAging Integrated Database (US Administration on Aging)
AGIDAlexander Groenewege Industrial Design (Netherlands)
AGIDArmy Group Insurance Directorate (India)
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AGID chairman Ahmet Coskun, addressing the opening of the program, stated that they have been trying to promote Turkish goods in African markets.
I will begin by sharing with you some of the latter personal story of international experience, and then return to AGID and other related topics.
Los resultados negativos en la deteccion de anticuerpos en los patos centinelas pudieron indicar la ausencia real de la exposicion a los VIA, una baja produccion de anticuerpos en esta especie o una baja sensibilidad en su deteccion por la AGID (Swayne y Halvorson, 2003); no obstante, se sabe que esta prueba es la mas apropiada como tamiz para deteccion de anticuerpos en conjunto con el aislamiento viral como prueba confirmatoria en esta especie (FAO, 2007b; CFSPH/IICAB/OIE, 2009).
The antigen used in AGID was produced from the reference strain REO 198 (antigen consisted predominantly of surface proteins of the rough strain and significant amounts of LPS) extracted by the method of hot saline, produced by IPVDF.
Laboratory results of testing conducted on turkey farms affected by the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza outbreak, Valparaiso Region, Chile, 2009 * Results Turkeys AGID No.
Ecologia de embalses tropicales con referencia a dos casos colombianos: Chivor y Prado, AGID.
AGID was performed as per the procedure described in OIE manual (2013) for Infectious Bursal Disease with minor modifications for detection of FAdV antigen in suspected samples.
Historically AGID and other serological techniques were used to test the antibodies against PPR in the past but however cELISA and serum neutralization test (SNT) are preferred methods as having advantage to differentiate between antibodies against PPR and rinderpest (another member of the genus Morbillivirus and the antibodies against which usually interfere with the anti PPRV antibodies) (Libeau et al.
Sin embargo, se tomaron muestras de sangre a 300 bufalas, procedentes del mismo rebano, para realizar el diagnostico de LB mediante las tecnicas de ELISA y AGID.
As an identity provider accredited by AGID, TIM, through the company Trust Technologies, makes TIM ID available, the single digital ID that allows citizens and businesses to communicate easily and immediately on-line with the PA and businesses adhering to the public digital identity system (Sistema Pubblico di Identit Digitale - SPID).
and information regarding the Feasibility Study Technical and related indications AGID, predisposed by CEN, or do not sustain any exogenous causes impediments independent IPZS.