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I will begin by sharing with you some of the latter personal story of international experience, and then return to AGID and other related topics.
The founders of AGID believed that geoscience, and geoscientists, should play a more active role in international development.
To develop the history of AGID, we need to go back to August, 1972.
At this workshop, the formation of AGID was endorsed, and an organizing committee (including Canadians Roger Blais and Tony Berger) was established.
No organization is perfect, but AGID did many things right.
AGID was also concerned with training and education.
One of the first activities of AGID was the donation of books and journals to developing country libraries.
Over the years, AGID has been an effective voice for global geoscience at the grass-roots level and also on the international stage.
Through the Geohost Program, the IGC Secretariat provided financial assistance to 595 delegates from developing countries, including many AGID members.
The IGC has been held twice in Canada: 1913 (Toronto) and 1972 (Montreal), The important role of the Montreal IGC in the founding of AGID has already been mentioned, and will be again with respect to the International Geoscience Program.