AGITAsociación Guatemalteca de Interpretes y Traductores (Guatemalan Association of Interpreters and Translators)
AGITAction for Governors' Information and Training (UK)
AGITAgar Gel Immunodiffusion Test (veterinary medicine)
AGITAntenna Group Interface Tube
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With PermataBank as the issuing bank and AGIT Monitise Indonesia behind the service, BBM Money customers know they have a partner with proven bank-grade standards that gives them the assurance and certainty they are looking for.
We are delighted that Indonesia is the first country in the world to develop a person-to-person payment service using BBM, said Calvin Lim, Director of AGIT Monitise Indonesia.
Symposium on 3D Data Processing Visualization and Transmission, Padova, Italy June 2002; AGIT Symposium 2002 in Salzburg, Austria in July 2002; and GIS 2002, London, England, September 2002.