AGJArbeitsgemeinschaft für Jugendhilfe
AGJAlliance for Global Justice (Washington, DC)
AGJAsociación Guatemalteca de Juristas (Guatemalan Association of Jurists)
AGJArtificial Gastric Juice
AGJAlmindingen-Gudhjem Jernbane (Danish railway)
AGJAlliance Gresivaudan Judo (French judo association)
AGJAlford Gile Jones (AGJ Systems and Networks Inc.; Gulfport, Mississippi)
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Since I first consulted the documents in the AGJ, however, the historical records were misplaced during a renovation of the building.
Six months after AGJ was formed, HKP went out of business and immediately stopped supplying component Y.
About six months after HKP's failure, there was a board meeting at AGJ and the directors spent much time complimenting each other on how well they had managed the switch to the new supplier.
A further AGJ board meeting was immediately convened and the following extracts were recorded in the verbatim minutes:
We realized that providing more comprehensive services to a smaller client base was more beneficial to our clients and more profitable to AGJ.
Our clients now see AGJ as a strategic partner," he says.
Dicko MH, Gruppen H, Traore AS, Voragen AGJ and WJH van Berkel Sorghum grain as human food in Africa: relevance of content of starch and amylase activities.
Tacon AGJ, Webster JL and CA Martinez Use of solvent extracted sunflower seed meal in complete diets for fingerling of rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri).
If you're stumped in coming up with solutions, use social media to reach out to industry peers for guidance, like the AGJ partners did.