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AGOGAnonieme Gokkers Omgeving Gokkers (Dutch: Area Gamblers Gamblers Anonymous)
AGOGAsociacion de Ginecologia y Obstetricia de Guatemala (Spanish: Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics Guatemala; Guatemala)
AGOGA Gaggle of Girls (blog)
AGOGArt Gallery of Golden (Golden, British Columbia, Canada)
AGOGAustralian Genomics and Clinical Outcomes of High Grade Glioma (Australia)
AGOGAdvisory Group on Governance (UK)
AGOGAsian Gynecologic Oncology Group (Taiwan)
AGOGArizona Gun Owners Guide (Alan Korwin book)
AGOGAlumni Geographers of Geneseo (est. 1984)
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The young audience sat agog, and when the dwarves made their first appearance the NIA erupted into a cross between a rock gig and a Nuremberg rally, such was the level of tiny hysteria.
The album features her version of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables which catapulted her to fame when she performed the song on Britain's Got Talent which left judges agog at her voice.
It wasn't until the mid-fifties that actual equipment turned up, and when the Universal Gym Company created the first weight-training machine the world stood back agog.
At least 45 in a Tab, tag, tan, tang, tango, tog, toga, to, ton, tong, too, toot, oat, bag, ban, bat, bang, boa, boat, bog, bong, bongo, boo, boon, boot, on, gab, gag, gang, go, goat, gob, gong, goo, goon, got, agog, ant, at nab, nag, no, nob, nog, not.
Up until now, the Trijicon 4x32 AGOG has only been available to the military and law enforcement market.
In a letter at that time to AGOG fellows, ACOG President Kenneth Noller said that the committee opinion was not part of the college's "Code of Professional Ethics" and is not intended to be used to in determining anyone's fellowship in the group.
His tuba solo left the band agog with admiration, and everybody loved his origami demonstration.
It's a real show of force," said Shawnee Rios, a 41-year-old accountant from Los Feliz, agog at the action.
While the capital markets go agog over the few initial public offerings (IPOs) that shoot off the charts, like Google, the fact is that the IPO market is increasingly selective--and critical of offerings that aren't clear winners.
We expected some cynicism from the retailers, but they mostly said it should have been done a long time agog," added Dymoke-Marr.
and sometimes just agog at the fact that such information is collected in one tome.
Hunchback ogles, walleyed (one agog, the other cataracted, so that the globes resemble one of the creature's teeth, which are about the size of the buttons on his collar).