AGOROceanographic Research Ship
AGORAccelerateur Groningen-Orsay
AGORAuxiliary General Oceanographic Research (US DoD)
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related to conducting a mid-life refit and overhaul of AGOR 23, and completion of Class-wide design and specifications to be utilized in future mid-life refits of AGOR 24 & AGOR 25.
Designed as single-hull ships, AGOR 27 and AGOR 28 are each approximately 238 feet long and incorporate the latest technologies, including high-efficiency diesel engines, emissions controls for stack gasses, new information technology tools both for monitoring shipboard systems and for communicating with the world, and hull coatings to reduce maintenance requirements.
Retiring four older AGORs, Conrad, Thompson, Washington, and Gyre (AGOg is Navyspeak for Auxiliary General-purpose Oceanographic Research--see figure on page 13 for list of AGORs),
In FY '91 and FY'92, Congress appropriated funds for AGORs 24 and 25 respectively to complete the class.
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution also submitted a bid for one of the AGORs.