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AGORAAccess to Global Online Research in Agriculture
AGORAAromatherapy Global Online Research Archives
AGORAAnthropology Graduate Organization for Research and Action
AGORAAsociación de Ginecología y Obstetricia de la República Argentina (Argentina)
AGORAAdvanced Grid Observation Reliable Algorithm
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The Associated Press featured newsletter publisher Agora Inc.
We are delighted to announce the formation of the Agora Max Shopping Centre fund.
The agora is being organised by charity Theatr Fforwm Cymru as part of Rehearsal for Reality, a three-year programme partly funded by the National Assembly's Active Communities Fund.
Agora customers provide HD real time communication services to industries that greatly benefit from premium multimedia communications, including education, telemedicine, human resources, customer service, online dating, gaming, and social media applications.
QoE Assurance: Agora provides end-to-end quality of user experience (QoE) assurance with its innovative algorithm and 65 data centers located across the globe.
Architectural remains belonging to several building phases were found: Phase I Hellenistic period; Phase II rebuilding in the time of Augustus, probably after the large earthquake in 15 BC, when the first phase of the Roman Agora portico was constructed; Phase III rebuilding after the earthquake in the 70s AD; Phase IV rebuilding after the earthquake in the time of Hadrian, when the last phase of the Agora portico was constructed, representing what can be seen today on entering the Agora.
Agora ID is interoperable because it is based on standards and it uses widely available information systems technology.
number of votes at the General Meeting of Shareholders of Agora SA.
com) the world's most popular video learning site announces its first major international licensing deal with Agora, Poland's leading media group.
An online business-success coach, who has teamed up with Agora for an unspecified new launch, has been the hit of the internet in the past three months.
As chief executive officer of Agora Realty and Management, he's in the mall business, finding creative ways to cram tenants into shopping spaces.
In their ongoing support of the Tampa Bay community, Agora Marketing Solutions, announced a donation of $1,000 to Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA) located in St.