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AGREAutism Genetic Resource Exchange
AGREActive Geophysical Rocket Experiment
AGREAction for Growth in the Rural Economy (UK)
AGREAdvisory Group on Research in Emergencies (World Health Organization)
AGREAdvanced Graduate Record Examination (specialized academic exam)
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His spokesman reached Agre by email and forwarded the IRNA article.
Gibbons and Neal Lane, scientists in the Clinton administration, Nobel laureates Peter Agre and Alfred Gilman, and Susan F.
Available on the AGRE page is a link to research updates published since 2001.
7-17) The scientific importance of aquaporins was further validated when Peter Agre, credited with their discovery, was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.
Agre helps to understand social aspects of P2P using the broader theory of the relationship between architecture and institutions.
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast -- Ivory Coast officials said they uncovered a plot to assassinate Cardinal Bernard Agre of Abidjan and other political and religious leaders.
However, Agre (1991) states that other than muscle fiber loss from reinnervated motor units with age (fourth bullet item), most of these proposed etiologies are unlikely causes of progressive neuromuscular function loss.
El Premio Nobel de Quimica 2003 fue atribuido a los norteamericanos Peter Agre y Roderick MacKinnon por sus descubrimientos sobre el transporte del agua y las sales en las celulas del cuerpo humano.
Zeidel ML, Nielsen S, Smith BL, Ambudkar SV, Maunsbach AB, Agre P.
In besting the Texas Pacific bid by $40 million, RSA also agre ed not to charge fees.
Philip Agre, an associate professor in the Information Studies Department of the University of California at Los Angeles, argues that as FRT gets better the potential for abuse will rise commensurately.
Also, al wil agre that the horible mes of the silent "e"s in the languag is disgrasful, and they should go away.